National Dance Honors Orlando


2018 Senior National Female Honored Dancer- Olivia Liberati

Sparks 1st Runner Up- Happy Birthday Ballet

Senior National Champions- No Other Love

Wildcard National Champions- Feeling Good

Sparks Solo Overalls

2nd Overall- Gigi Schneider

6th Overall- Melina Merhi

7th Overall- Olivia Ficaj

Senior Solo Overalls

3rd Overall- Natasha Pomponio

4th Overall- Olivia Liberati

7th Overall- Grace Armbruster

Mini Duo Trio Overalls

6th Overall- It Don't Mean A Thing

Junior Duo Trio Overalls

9th Overall- Stand By You

Teen Duo Trio Overalls

9th Overall- Porcelain

Senior Duo Trio Overalls

1st Overall- Still Loving You

Sparks Small Group

3rd Overall- Children of Eve  

Junior Small Group

4th Overall- Sweet Architect 

Teen Small Group

2nd Overall- Feeling Good

9th Overall- Droptop

Senior Small Group

1st Overall- No Other Love 

3rd Overall- Desperado

5th Overall- Find A Way

7th Overall- Betrayl 

12 and under ballet- Happy Birthday Ballet

Sparks Large Group

3rd Overall- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Mini Large Group

5th Overall- Let’s Hear It For The Boy

7th Overall- Glory of Love

8th Overall- Bad Boy

9th Overall- Baby

Junior Large Group

7th Overall- Club Tango

Teen Large Group

3rd Overall- Walk With Me 

Senior Large Group

1st Overall- Non-Abiding Citizen 

4th Overall- Live While We’re Young 

Sparks Line/Production

1st Overall- Happy Birthday Ballet

Mini Line/Production

1st Overall- Beyonce Mix 

Junior Line/Production

1st Overall- State of Shock

Teen Line/Production

1st Overall- Wanna Dance 

4th Overall- Bruno Mars 

5th Overall- People Pleaser

Heart-Stopper- No Other Love

Spark Finalist- Happy Birthday Ballet

Mini Finalist- Beyonce Mix 

Junior Finalist- State of Shock 

Teen Finalist- Wanna Dance 

Senior Finalist- No Other Love 

Wildcard Finalist- Feeling Good

Mini Honored Dancer

Top 10- Lilly Harrell

Top 20- Sophie Testani 

Teen Honored Dancer

Top 20- Anissa Zreik 

Senior Honored Dancer

Top 20- Taya Malgay, Emily Carroll, Grace Armbruster 

Winner- Olivia Liberati