Classical Ballet is the basis for all types of dance. It develops posture, strength, body placement and proper dance technique. Noretta Dunworth School of Dance offers: The Ceccehtti Method, Russan Vaganova Method, and a non-syllabus class. 

  •       The Cecchetti Method is a graded system that develops and teaches the student from basic ballet in Grade 1 all the way through professional levels. Our instructors are certified to teach through the professional levels.

  •       Russan Ballet classes follow the Vaganova technique, this is for the advance students.

  •       The non-syllabus classes are designed for all students to experience a variety of steps and movements. 

All Ballet classes start with a complete barre warm-up, body placement and stretch. Then center work which includes adage and allegro movements in every class. Depending upon the age and level determines the depth of the class. Pointe work for the advanced student.